Linux Tutorial – Date and Cal commands


This chapter explains how to use Linux commands date and cal in Shell.

Date and Calendar

● Here we are going to learn few simple commands.

● The first command that we are going to learn is  the date command. If you want to view the date, you just have to  type date

● Now if you type Date,DATE,DaTe,….Then you will have an error, that is because in  Linux, the commands are case sensitive.

● But don’t worry about this issue, because almost  all the commands consists of all lower case  letters.

● If you want to view the calendar of the current month,  then just type cal ● If you want to view the calendar of the current year,  then just type cal ­y

The clear command

● You would have probably noticed by  now that your terminal screen gets  filled up very quickly and you may  like to clear it up. 

● You can achieve that by just typing  clear

● Ctrl+l is a shortcut that achieves  the same result as clear.

The exit command

● If you want to close your terminal  session then you can just type exit


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